Rules for flying in Jet Blue with ESA’s

by Sue on March 13, 2013

Emotional Support/Psychiatric Service Animals – An Emotional Support or Psychiatric Service Animal can only be used by persons with a diagnosed mental or emotional disorder and need not have specific training for that function but must be trained to behave appropriately in a public setting.

Emotional Support/Psychiatric Service Animals

Emotional Support/Psychiatric Service Animals require current documentation (i.e., not more than one year old) on letterhead or prescription from a licensed mental health professional or physician* stating the following:

The customer has a mental health-related disability.
The animal accompanying the customer is necessary to the customer’s mental health or treatment.
The number and type of animal(s)
The individual providing the assessment of the customer is a licensed mental health professional and the customer is under his or her professional care.
The date and type of the mental health professional’s license and the state or other jurisdiction in which it was issued.
If you would like documentation for your Emotional Support Animal pre-screened before arriving at the airport, please fax your documents to us at 801-449-2440 or email an attachment to no less than 48 hours before your scheduled departure.

Always include the confirmation number on all correspondence.

Please note: Required documentation for Emotional Support Animals must always accompany the animal when traveling and is to be presented upon request to JetBlue airport personnel for review.

*Any licensed mental health professional (e.g., psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed clinical social worker) including a medical doctor who is specifically treating a customer’s mental or emotional disability.

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